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Mike Ziomkowski

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If everything feels under control, you are not going fast enough. Sep 30, 2014

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Nov 9, 2016
    1. Abc123
      Hi Mike, I tried the contact form but wasn't sure it was a good way of getting hold of you. I'm having an odd problem where the hot end on my kossel heats up as soon as I power on. My thread here: http://forums.openbeamusa.com/threads/hot-end-catastrophic-failure.293/ I received the kit as a gift from Mike Koss (who I think you know?) and assembled it last year, but can't get it working. I hope to hear from you!
    2. Steve Heer
      Steve Heer
      Any word on the upload inability yet? I've watched the file get uploaded in TCPView but it seems the forum is rejecting displaying it.
    3. Taylor
      Hey Mike,

      Steve Heer is having issues uploading photos or any other files. It's saying it's either disabled or not available. I tried to upload pics into a PM to him and it worked on my end but he wasn't able.

      Can you check on that and see what the problem could be?
    4. ChopOMatic
      Mike, me again. Terence asked me to contact you for a replacement hotend. I'll pay for overnight shipping, or if FedEx is convenient, we can just bill it to my FedEx account #328297434


      Jerry Hatchett
      7 Birchcane Dr
      The Woodlands, TX 77381

    5. Mike Ziomkowski
      Mike Ziomkowski
      If everything feels under control, you are not going fast enough.
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