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Discussion in 'Show and Tell' started by protoserge, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. protoserge

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    I just found this spectrometer on hackaday.io. I figure some of the users here would be interested in this! The overview video is horrid with the accelerated voice, but the full transcript is on the page. This video is a much better overview.

    I'll definitely be using the Kossel Pro to print and use in an episode of SciJoy. I have all sorts of other ideas to use OpenBeam for fixturing and experiments.
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  2. Terence Tam

    Terence Tam Mr. OpenBeam Staff Member Vendor

    That 100x objective can't be cheap.

    I'd love to look into releasing some printable optics components. We give Thor Labs a lot of business. A 3D printable kinematic lens mount on a DIY optical breadboard set up as an interferometer would be really cool.
  3. protoserge

    protoserge Member

    I'm also in startup phase of an education technology business, so this type of thing is really right down my alley as well.

    I've found Thor Labs before, but I closed their page before I could find my credit card :D
  4. Terence Tam

    Terence Tam Mr. OpenBeam Staff Member Vendor

    I should clarify: by "we", I meant Thermo Fisher Scientific, my day job. I can't afford their lab snack packs, let alone buying from them. :p.

    When you have a 7 figure R&D budget that you have to spend every year, and you need to get parts quick, they are hard to beat. Order by 4pm Pacific Time to get optical components the next day? Oh yeah. Mike and I were just saying that luxury spoiled us for trying to hack it on our own with the Kossel's development. (We can't afford these overnight shipments, not on our development budget. If we ordered from Digikey ground, we don't see the parts till the next week. :-()

    -=- Terence
  5. KDog

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    You never can have too many filters. Seems like I never have the right one when I need it.

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