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    So I've been printing for over 4 years. The Kossel Pro is the 10th printer in our fleet. I was patient and detail oriented building the machine with the minimal build instructions. After assembly I had decided this is the smartest, and one of the best designed, printer we have. It is a late summer 2014 release. And it flat out doesn't work. Worse than my original Solidoodle. The software stutters and pulses when printing. It irregularly extrudes. Fans don't kick on. Chronic heat creep in the hot end. Z offset is inconsistent. Square corners turn into ooze columns. We have yet to even get past the MC test cube and circle. Someone convince me to not part it out and shove the rest in the storeroom.

    Is Matter Control just not resolved? Does anyone have a working Simplify3D profile?
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    Here's a profile sent to me on request from S3D support. I've tweaked it a little, but basically, it's vanilla. Remove the .txt suffix before importing into S3D.

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    Many Thanks! I'll give it a try. Hopefully it is just that MC isn't playing nicely.
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    Thank you so much for that profile. Everything is working well now except for some fan issues causing heat creep. I'm assuming it is bad wiring on the always-on fan. And it seems the greater issue was MC all along.
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    You're welcome!
    I went to S3D for the supports handling, but then I found it to be better in general. However, I haven't tried out MC's latest version - maybe they've fixed a lot of things.

    Is your always-on fan really always on? I found some issues caused by wiring touching the fan to the point of making it stop completely.
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    S3D has been my favorite for a few years now. After a teardown of the end effector, I realized the +/- poles are not laid out the same for each fan and I had the wires reversed. We finally got a finished print. So now it is a matter of tweeking.
    You've Been a great help to an experienced builder.
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