Azteeg X5 Mini Upgrade running SmoothieWare

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  1. AndyG

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    Managed to get everything hooked up hardware wise but I'm getting stumped at getting these PID values correct for the hot end and heated bed

    EDIT: Deleted a while bunch of stuff about terrible temp performance. I replaced the heater core that came with the KP. I think it was one of the original ones that had a wacky resistance.

    Using one with expected performance now and I'm dialed in... Man what a waste of a sunday afternoon.
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  2. jwade

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    So I guess you all have realized the BWPro is an absolute nightmare and completely unreliable. Are you having truly better results with the Azteeg/Smoothie?

    Five years ago I loved hacking and modifying. But I'm getting pretty tired of reinventing the wheel.
  3. AndyG

    AndyG Member

    Personally, no. I had everything working pretty well with my brainwave and since switching over to azteeg I'm having nothing but trouble, however I think it's mostly my own fault and learning a new board.

    Specifically, I seem to not be printing in the X-Y dimension correctly - the scale is off so when my printer is printing overhangs it ends up moving to far and the next layer does not touch the one below. I've double checked my dimensions and replaced some parts because I thought it could be due to play in my original arms and end effector but I wasn't making any progress so I stepped away for awhile. I will eventually get back to it and figure things out - but in the mean time the printer is collecting dust.

    I love the way the Azteeg sounds with the newer steppers and the printer really does move more smoothly with the 32 bit CPU. Also, really like the ability to save directly to the onboard SD card from the USB connection and it's fast enough where I don't feel I need to move the SD all the time like I did on the brainwave. I personally never print by streaming data from the host software - I had too many problemsa with the brainwave and just got in the habit of sending everything to SD first so this was really nice.

    Hope that helps :)
  4. jwade

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    Thanks for the feedback.
  5. grainiac

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    @AndyG have you tried the 626pilot SmoothieWare? What probe are you using? I had no good results with the FSRs under the bed until I designed a probe with the FSR inside. My KP runs great with the X5 (still a V1.1). On my Carbonoid D1 machines I use the new Azteeg mini X5 V3 with swappable drivers and the miniViki Display. That's the best performing and easiest to setup board I've ever had. One one machine I use the SureStpr with the SD5984 drivers, a 1/32 micro stepping capable successor of the Allegro 4988. These drivers are very smooth running and silent. I also have one machine with the SureStpr SD6128 with 1/128 micro stepping. They are also great, maybe even more silent than the SD5984. But I find the 1/32 micro stepping totally sufficient.
  6. AndyG

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    Yep, Running 626Pilot and I can get really good calibrations with it - 1st layer printing is reliable and even across surface - It's just the X-Y scaling issue at this point. I was originally using your config and noticed you have longer arms than stock so I changed some variables there but not getting results. I'm sure it's nothing to do with calibration or the software itself - I think I just need to dial in my config better.
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