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  1. Al L.

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    The bowden tube slips from the connector on the exstruder end after a number of prints. Sometimes I can shove it back in and it stays. Other times I end up trimming a bit of the tube. Anyone have alternatives to the press-fit connector?

  2. samspade4321

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  3. Al L.

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    I thought the connector was a male thread. Do I need a thread adapter to use it?
  4. degreaser

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    It would appear that part replaces both the nut and bowden tube fitting that comes as stock. I've not tried it yet so YMMV...
  5. samspade4321

    samspade4321 Member

    undo a couple of screws on the EZtruder, replace the OEM with the new one and tighten it up. It does not screw into anything; it's just a replacement. Once you push the Bowden tube into it, you'll appreciate the fit.
  6. Terence Tam

    Terence Tam Mr. OpenBeam Staff Member Vendor

    Connector on the stock SeeMeCNC EZStruder is M5; we've been shipping ours with an SMC KQ2H04-M5. It is one of the better push fit connectors on the market. Most people ship their kits with an Ameco connector, which in our testing tends to fail very quickly. But even the SMC KQ2H04 isn't fool proof.

    The new push fit adapter that @samspade4321 linked to is our new design. It uses the same fittings that is used on the E3DV6 for bowden tube retention and the design brings the tube further up the bore. In our testing, this is a lot more reliable and because it holds onto more of the tube, also provides strain relief on the bowden tube for increased reliability.

    I am finishing up my documentation but we also print a spacer piece to lock the bowden tube from undoing. It becomes pretty much bullet proof when you do that. Starting in a few weeks, we are going to laser cut this piece and include it on all our upgrade parts.

    -=- Terence
  7. samspade4321

    samspade4321 Member

    Any chance of buying the laser-cut piece, or at least getting the print file?
  8. Steve Heer

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  9. Al L.

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    I have a clip on the connector and the tubing still works loose. I wonder if I nick the tubing at an angle if it will catch the edge of the connector better. Maybe notching a collar all the way around?

    Hey @Terence Tam , do you think you're going to offer an update kit (or documentation) that will help bring the earlier printers up to date?

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