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  1. skyshard

    skyshard Member

    My j-head is pretty much dead (heat cartridge and thermistor both intermittent) and I haven't been able to print a new end effector to use an e3d v6 instead... is there any way to buy a K head or other replacement hotend? @Taylor ? @Terence Tam ?

    I've been watching the amazon store for the metal effector platform / khead a while now and neither have shown up again since going out of stock earlier this year
  2. protoserge

    protoserge Member

    Nope. @Taylor recommended the E3D and printing a new end effector.
  3. skyshard

    skyshard Member


    In other news though, after a lot of searching I think I found the end effector 2 pin connectors:
    .100" (2.54mm) Latching Polarized (LP) Female Housing (1x2)

    There might be another name for them, they're pretty much Dupont connectors with latches
  4. protoserge

    protoserge Member

    Check Molex SL. If memory serves that is the series.
  5. Sean Hill

    Sean Hill Member

    If you're absolutely desperate, I have a K-head that I ordered from the gang in Seattle via Amazon a few months ago, before deciding on an E3Dv6 myself instead. I don't plan on using it, but if you're in a really tough spot I'll send it along; PM me and we can work something out.

    That said, you may want to look into 3DHubs to get the E3D end effector printed, or even Shapeways. There's no reason to fit a compromise hot end to your printer if that's not your end goal; I've found both 3DHubs and Shapeways to be reasonable when it comes to turnaround and price.
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  6. grainiac

    grainiac Active Member

    Like @Sean Hill said there's no reason why you want NOT to go with an original E3D V6 for your printer when you also already think about changing the effector at the same time. If you need to print a new effector you could ask if somebody on the forum prints you one or have it printed by a 3D print service.
  7. skyshard

    skyshard Member

    Thanks @Sean Hill and @grainiac, looks like i have a project for this weekend! I'm assuming this requires a reflash - any other tips / gotchas I should look out for?

    I have an okay quality version of Matterhacker's e3dv6 end effector printed in PLA at the moment, with 37mm standoffs for now
  8. Joseph Tam

    Joseph Tam New Member

    i would also be interested in the idea of using a e3d v6

    just finished my build and looking to mod it already :O
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  9. protoserge

    protoserge Member

    There are a few designs out now for E3D hotend end effectors.

    I am in the process of reassembling my mill, but one of the first projects will be making an aluminum end effector for the E3D or one of the dual filament nozzles (in conjunction with a dual extruder and Smoothieboard upgrade). I will probably switch to FSR in the process. I hope we can keep an active development community here.

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