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    You might have read in my other threads that I was working on a magnetically attached end effector design together with carbon fiber rods with ball joints and new magnetic carriages. Today I want to introduce you to V2 of my design! This design turned out to work very good and was also much easier to print than my first version. I improved the air flow a lot and the end effector can be assembled using M3 screws now, no epoxy needed anymore! It's very rigid when printed with ABS and 50% infill, and makes a great replacement of the original Kossel Pro end effector. One of the design goals already included in V2 was to reuse the cable trunk and of course the end effector PCB. I derived from the magnetic version also a standard arm mount version, so that all the users who don't want to exchange the arms/carriages can still benefit from the improved design and the cool E3D hot ends. Also the Vulcano should now be usable, because only the heater block changes.

    IMG_3167 (1).jpg

    As usual you can get the STL files from my GitHub repo:

    Fotos will follow, I am documenting the evolution of the E3Dv6 design over time in a little foto series! Here are some renderings of the 3 variations available:

    Final update:
    Here's the foto series https://plus.google.com/ AlexSkoruppa/posts/RUJ5qWfnisP

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  2. Corey Morreale

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    very nice. thanks
  3. William Siers

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    Very nice thank you, awesome
  4. samspade4321

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    @grainiac, I've tried S3D, MC, RH and Solidworks, but I can't open any of the .stl files in OBKP_E3Dv6_End_Effector_v2_by_grainiac.
    For example, S3D keeps giving me "Cannot auto arrange. Largest part exceeds build dimensions." Uses up 13GB when I click Prepare to Print. Could you check the GitHub posts, please?
  5. roadblock

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    @samspade4321 I ran into this too with some designed. I just change the slicing engine. I think when I have it set to Slic3r, I get this a lot. Not really sure why, but I just switched to a different engine in Mattercontrol as a work around. Maybe someone has a real solution?

    @grainiac Thanks for sharing your design. I am trying to print your new design vs the v1. I was wondering what is the difference between the standard and the big connector version? Which one should I print if I am trying to implement FSR and use the effector without the probe?
  6. grainiac

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    I go for small connector hole version and remove the connector for the hot end from the PCB. Hot end heater gets directly soldered to the PCB with a screw terminal in between for easy maintenance.
  7. William Siers

    William Siers Member

    I got the to large for print area message as well in MC. And S3d. In edit I changed CM to MM and it came in normal at correct size.
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  8. Nice work! I couldn't open the .stl files, either. Any chance you can upload .igs or .step? I was planning to modify it slightly to fit the design here: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/deltabot/485cfVFrFFU[251-275]
    And I mentioned this before on here, but I also want to try to design for the Mark One with fiberglass or carbon fiber fill... haven't found design time yet.
  9. grainiac

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    I use Fusion 360 for two or three weeks now coming from SketchUp. So I need to check the export options! In the end I want to share all my Kossel designs via Autodesk's cloud anyways.
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    @grainiac kindly checked his files and found them to be OK, which made me look more carefully at what I was doing. In GitHub, I eventually found that I had opened the incorrect link, which resulted in me downloading the html page code, instead of the .STL file. This resulted in the too-large error.

    For example, I downloaded and saved this link:
    What I should have done was click on the link and open the next web page:

    Then, download the"Raw" link, which had the actual .STL info. Sometimes the Raw data opens into a text page. In those cases, I copied the text into a .TXT file and renamed the suffix to .STL.
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  11. grainiac

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    What I found always working reliable is typing

    git clone https://github.com/grainiac/3D_Printing.git

    and then hitting enter in a terminal window! :)
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  12. samspade4321

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    I totally agree, but I was talking about a different aspect.;)
  13. Steve Heer

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    @grainiac I tried to load your v2 model into Solidworks but it appears you have a newer version than I... It won't load because of this. I have version 2013 and was wondering if you are able to upload a different format that will allow it to be loaded into my version and still editable...?
  14. grainiac

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  15. David Boyd

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    @grainiac - very nice. A couple of question if I may:

    1. When you say "standard arms" you are not referring to stock kossel pro arms but rather one of the other arm
    sets you purchased correct? I am pretty sure of this given the carriage attachment you showed.

    2. Do you have a BOM that would cover all the materials needed to perform this upgrade?

    3. Finally, I noticed mid-way up your arms a connector or rubberband thing between the arms. What is that?

    The print looks great by the way.

    I know I need to go to a full e3dv6, I am just debating how much cost and substitution I want to do for it.
  16. grainiac

    grainiac Active Member

    1. Standard Arms -> use M3 screws. You can use the OB original arms or other e.g. with Traxxas joints. I have a set from Estonia but visual quality sucks. I ordered also the 288mm set from UltiBots.

    2. No, but for the effector you'll need:
    • E3Dv6 hotend universal mount for 1.75mm filament, 24V -> 70€
    • A 24V blower fan, 52x15mm -> eBay ~ 5-10€
    • A 30mm silent fan 5V -> eBay or Amazon ~ 5€
    • A roll of quality ABS -> 25-35€
    • 14x M3 inserts -> 5€
    You will reuse the wiring and the PCB from the original end effector.

    3. Hair scrunchies from the gf to minimize joint backlash! -> 0€ ;)
  17. grainiac

    grainiac Active Member

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  18. David Boyd

    David Boyd Active Member

    Where on the PCB do you get the 24V for the blower fan?

    Love the scrunchies - spousal unit will need to give some up.
  19. grainiac

    grainiac Active Member

    I removed 2 cables from the connector (Pin 7+8/green white) and connected them to the blower fan and on the controller side to the fan control output of the Azteeg X5 mini.

    I do not connect the wires of the blower fan and the end effector cable directly but via a terminal block you see on the left of the hot end holder. So I can easily remove the blower fan duct or the end effector from the arms.

    001.jpg FullSizeRender-2.jpg FullSizeRender.jpg
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  20. David Boyd

    David Boyd Active Member

    Thanks. I see. So getting the 24V fan to work with the Brainwave Pro would be interesting then. Hmmm.

    Your Kossel Pro is to a stock KP as a NASCAR Sprint Cup Ford Taurus is to the one you get from a dealer. Same chassis but the guts are far superior.
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