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  1. Sean Hill

    Sean Hill Member

    Hi all!

    I'm currently in the process of upgrading my KP to use the E3Dv6 end effector design helpfully pioneered by our friends @Taylor and @grainiac. I'm to the point where I need to buy some fans for print cooling, and want to make sure the ones I get are properly rated for the voltages output by the end effector PCA (which I plan on keeping).

    Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the documentation is currently available on the kosselpro.com website (I see a godaddy.com landing page there when trying to view it). I'm pretty sure they're all 5V fans, as I measured the always-on fan at 4.99V and I'm pretty sure they're all identical. I just want to get a second opinion before I go out and buy them.

    The fan mount I'm looking at using is a replacement for the clip-on fan mount supplied with the E3Dv6 and can be viewed here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1459589 -- it uses two 30mm fans for print cooling and one to cool the E3Dv6.
  2. protoserge

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    If you had the original printer, there were two different fans. Later printers used one part number as there was an obsolescence of one of the fans.

    If you measure 5V, they are 5V fans.
  3. grainiac

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    @Sean Hill if you switch to the Azteeg X5 mini V3 you can PWM control 2 fans separately with supply voltage of 24V or with 5V. This is cool because you can buy the E3D v6 kit for 24V and use the included fan. For the filament cooling you have the option to go with 24V fans also or choose 5V fans where you probably have much more options to choose from.

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