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  1. Joseph Tam

    Joseph Tam New Member

    The assembly of the printer was fast and accurate, even with the lack of complete / correct documentation. it was intuitive enough to get the pieces in the right places. For anybody with out 3d printer experience it would take longer but it's doable.

    The software side of things really need work. the firmware as my came was crashing the head into the glass, there was no formal link to the firmware so i couldn't even fix it myself, i had to search for a hex file in the forums. my kit had the k head but a different mount than the documentation also with the old square heater block. i had no idea how to set the z offset and after numerous g28/g29 head crashes, i went to another kossel forum to finally get some head way

    tried to get g30 to work but the hex i got didn't have the necessary code to run it.. it was just doing a single probe and quitting

    so i ended up ditching the auto probe and manually shim the glass on top of the hbp to tram the effector so the first layer was 90% .. then just let it start a 24 hour print. luckily simplify3d had a kossel pro profile that i was able to modify a bit (z layer offset +8.65mm, coasting 2mm, 195c / 60c temps)

    while i understand it's not a plug and play printer, a simple wiki that we can contribute to would help any new comers with any issues they might have and allow us to consolidate all the info we have spread out all over the place

  2. Joseph Tam

    Joseph Tam New Member

  3. Joseph Tam

    Joseph Tam New Member

    If anybody have the github for the latest official / unofficial firmware i would appreciate a link so i can get the g30 to work

  4. Rick Gordon

    Rick Gordon Member

    Joseph, I've not been online here for awhile, but I can tell you what I have:
    - a copy of firmware v0.81 from Mike Z released late last year:;
    - multiple calibration attempts with the auto-leveling probe just burnt me out, I switched to only using MatterControl for slicing
    because it can do a manual software leveling routine and apply that transformation matrix to the generated GCodel;
    - printing only from microSD card, due to issues in MC keeping up with the printer. Its a clumsy process, but it works;
    - many successful higher-resolution prints in PLA, using 0.1mm layer height works well, just have to give it lots of time;
    - occasional contact with the OB guys, they've been helpful but swamped with work. Day jobs, night/weekend jobs, babies, etc.
    - for the most part, only use Matter Control on Windows box - even on the same hardware (Core 2 Duo) its just too slow on OS X;

    If you're in Seattle this weekend, I'm sure Open Beam USA will have a booth at the Mini Maker Faire.
  5. Joseph Tam

    Joseph Tam New Member

    the calibration burn me out too.. and i use simplify3d, i resorted to using shims to fix any issues i have and then apply z offset on that

    i like the prints that comes off when it's good... but the hours it take to get it to do that doesn't seem to be worth the hassle

  6. Joseph Tam

    Joseph Tam New Member

    i ended up moving the extruder from the bottom of the rails to Y vertical rail and shortening the tube.. it takes one less turn and seems to work better

    i also find it easier to load the filment this way


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