Free EKOcycle printer for FIRST Teams (Apply by Sunday 2-Nov-2014)

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    Did an analysis on this...

    They say in the fine print 25% recycled content and that includes 3 20 oz bottles (17-23g each if you use a PET bottle and their "plantBottle" for reference). This would indicate that there is likely about 200-250g per spool at a cost of $50 per spool (shipping may be extra). This is an compares unfavorable to spools we can easily get off of Amazon ($40 for 1 kg).

    It's also a Cube so it likely won't be very useful in trying new filaments out since there won't be anything but this EKOcycle filament.

    @Terence Tam, keep with your open source roots!
  2. Terence Tam

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    The cartridges for my Stratasys Mojo cost a whopping $399 per cartridge (~1kg). Granted this includes a disposable hot end and drive motor...

    And that's not including the $3.00 build plate that the machine intentionally destroys with each print (it lays down a few layers of ABS before switching to soluble support, then switches back to ABS. So you will never manage to get the last bit of ABS off the build plate forcing you to toss it after a single use).

    -=- Terence
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    @Terence Tam, if you ever need to improve the Kossel's margins, start making disintegrating OpenBeam with 1mm loss in print capacity every time. Stratasys will be sure to patent that quickly!
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    Reported above post. Do not click the link.

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