FSR conversion?

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  1. Sean Hill

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    Thanks, @grainiac ! That helps a lot; however I do notice that the KP firmware from github seems to be out of sync with your suggestion when it comes to changing the TOUCH_PROBE_DEPLOY and TOUCH_PROBE_RETRACT constants -- they're defined as an array in your example, but the OpenBeam github repo has each constant defined individually.

    I'll just change the constants as necessary, but I worry that there might be other differences in the firmware and I'm walking into a minefield.

    Thanks again!

    EDIT: Nevermind -- answered my own question by viewing the git commit history to Configuration.h. Looks like this part of the firmware simply changed since @grainiac did the initial work. Sorry for the noise!
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  2. Joseph Tam

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    sorry to resurrect this thread again

    i just received my fsr kit and will print the fsr bed mounts tonight

    do i just plug in the board and change the configuration.h offsets after getting the marlin code from github?


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