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    Hi guys,

    I'm back.

    The last 7 *months* had been a rough ride. For those interested in the details - I wrote up a big blog post on what happened. I am finally going public with the news because as of a few weeks ago, we've finally received the cargo that we fully paid for in July of 2015. It had taken all my energy and sanity dealing, pleading, and tiptoeing around the tulips with these assholes. I apologize for dropping off the grid, but essentially, I reached my breaking point and something had to give. We stayed silent during the ordeal, because we didn't need to give them any more reason for additional delays, nor could we risk NOT getting the cargo and the loss of the money. These folks, afterall were holding $40,000 worth of goods hostage - they had flat out refused to release our goods until we ponied up thousands of dollars in bullshit handling charges that we never agreed to.

    It feels good to be able to concentrate back on R&D work. We shipped our first assembled printer last week to a kickstarter backer, and the rest of the prebuilt machines are being reworked and test and tuned. We will also be trying to release as much information on the tuning process that we have been going through and the improvements that we have been making.

    We have a lot of catching up to do, and the community have been incredibly patient. I want to extend a big thanks to the folks who had been holding down fort while I am gone.

    In the meantime, we've also installed Zendesk, and you can open a support ticket at support (at) ztautomations dot com - especially for replacement part request, please do NOT use the forum to request replacement parts.


    -=- Terence
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    I can't imagine having to go through an ordeal like that. Thanks for the update. I hope things are looking up now. Do your have good vendors lined up?

    P.S. I saw this thread title pop up and thought it was one of the spam posts so I didn't read it until just now.

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