Hot-end heater died mid-print :(

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  1. JoeF

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    I've been making good progress dialing in the print quality for the past week before this.

    The temperature just dropped suddenly. Mattercontrol stopped the extruder motor for safety. The printer just continued printing in mid-air before I stopped it.

    The temperature probe reads properly (24-25C). I touched the hot-end to verify that it's cool.

    The red heater LED on the end-effector PCD lights up. I disconnected the heater cable and measured 24V across the pins. I checked that the heater cable is not broken.

    Isn't the heater element just resistive? I can't figure out what could be broken.

    Any suggestions on what I should try next?
  2. protoserge

    protoserge Member

    Did you try manually heating yet?
  3. JoeF

    JoeF Member

    Yes, I tried to set the temperature to 220C manually using Mattercontrol. The red heater LED turned on constantly, and the voltage on the connector jumped from 0 to 24V, as expected.

    I measured across the leads leading into the heater cartridge and got 15 MOhm instead of the expected 1.6??? Ohm, so I think the cartridge is just burnt out. I don't see any burnt marks or PEEK melting on the hotend, so hopefully, this is just infant mortality on a new electronic part.

    I googled this issue and found that the ceramic heater cartridge is basically a consumable. Do you know if the correct part is a 24V 40W 6mm ceramic cartridge? And what the correct connector part no is (it seemed crimped on an non-salvagable)?

    I see prices ranging from $2 to $12+. A heater cartridge seems pretty basic to me, but is there anything I should watch out for as to the quality of the part?

    Unfortunately, it means that my printer is out of commission for probably a week while I gather the parts. Just when I was starting to get decent prints too.
  4. protoserge

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