How Do I Request Replacement Parts?

Discussion in 'Ask Team Openbeam' started by scott., Jan 31, 2015.

  1. scott.

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    Hi Team Openbeam,

    Is there an official way to request replacements for defective parts on the KS kits?

    I have a hot end that's missing it's liner ( and I need a replacement but there has been no response to that post so it occurred to me that you might not have seen it.

  2. protoserge

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    @Terence Tam I need to buy a new Bowden tube. Do you have any special specs (namely temperature rating) or will a generic vinyl or pvc tube work?

    Is this what is on the BoM?

    Crack-Resistant Tubing Made with Teflon® ® PFA
    4mm OD, 2mm ID,
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