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Discussion in 'Ask Team Openbeam' started by Rob B, Oct 7, 2015.

  1. Rob B

    Rob B New Member

    Dear Forum. I'm a Kickstarter backer at the $1400 level (Kossel Pro Kit, fully assembled and tested, with heated bed. Batch #2, ships Jan 2014.). I have not yet received my reward and have emailed through Kickstarter and OpenBeam support but have not been given any additional information regarding when I can expect delivery. I have students, who will very much benefit from the Kossel Pro, and I would like to receive my reward as soon as possible. Can you please help? Thank you very much.
  2. Jason

    Jason New Member

    I, too am a 1,400 backer. I, too, am curious as to the status of my device.
    I am most interested in a response to the above question.
  3. David Boyd

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  4. Tyler Anderson

    Tyler Anderson Moderator Staff Member

    Sorry Rob, may have accidentally deleted your account while clearing spam. Go ahead and make a new one.
  5. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Haven't heard anything, 1 month later.
  6. Jason

    Jason New Member

  7. chadman

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  8. Jason

    Jason New Member

    I don't know how I managed to miss that rss feed - I know he's changed feeds a couple times and I thought I had his newest one.

    My appreciations.
  9. chadman

    chadman Member

    I'm sure the wait has been painful, but it looks like you will get your machine eventually. I am having a blast with mine. Good luck.

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