MatterHacker's Collection of 3D printed upgrade parts (Azteeg X5, FSRs, E3Dv6, etc)

Discussion in 'OpenBeam Kossel Reprap and OpenBeam Kossel Pro' started by Tyler Anderson, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. Tyler Anderson

    Tyler Anderson Moderator Staff Member

    @Sean Hill, Yes I was noticing that the other day while assembling a new unit. In our original case we were only using that PCB for the LEDs. Since we replaced both the hot end and controller board, all the wiring had to be redone anyways. It made no sense to pass the connections through the end effector PCB at that point. However if you are still using the Brainwave then it would make sense to use the original harness. I'll consider updating the design to accommodate this at some point.

    Also, remember that you can't plug the E3D fan into that board anyways since the fan needs 24V and the board only provides 5V.
  2. Stafford Brunk

    Stafford Brunk New Member

    I made a custom circuit board that translates the original end effector harness to work with the Azteeg X5 Mini. I'm testing it right now (I've got a few minor bugs with it) but it seems to be pretty functional. It's just a simple "breakout" style board.
  3. Sean Hill

    Sean Hill Member

    Thanks, Tyler. I plan on using 12V fans with the FAN_VCC jumper on the Brainwave in the 12V position -- since I can use the fan connections, I figured using the existing wiring harness would make things slightly tidier.

    That said, I need to back up a few steps and address what seems to be an accuracy issue with my printer. Parts aren't coming out dimensionally accurate, so getting that fixed up is my first priority before replacing the end effector. Problems within problems :)
  4. Tyler Anderson

    Tyler Anderson Moderator Staff Member

    Sean, just remember that if you do that you can't use the end effector PCB. The LEDs are wired to the fan power and will fry if you give them 12V.
  5. Sean Hill

    Sean Hill Member

    Ha! Thanks for keeping me from making that stupid mistake. I wasn't able to find a schematic for the PCA; sounds like I'll have to get creative if I want to use it at all. Bummer.

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