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Discussion in 'FIRST Robotics / FIRST Technical Challenge' started by protoserge, Aug 9, 2014.

  1. protoserge

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    Who's a FIRST mentor? How many years have you been mentoring?

    I've been a mentor of FRC 836 (The RoboBees) for 4 years. I was also a student of FRC 365 (MOE) my last two years of high school.

    If you don't know about FIRST, look at Also, browse the heavily active Chief Delphi.
  2. Terence Tam

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    I was a mentor for Team #824 (SWAT Robotics, Roosevelt High School / Univ of Washington). In fact, that's where I got introduced to building with aluminum extrusions (80/20).

    If anyone in FIRST wants to buy some OpenBeam, Solarbotics, our educational partner, is the official OpenBeam educational distributor. Not only can they offer educational discounts, they also can accept a PO from an educational institution.

    -=- Terence

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