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Discussion in 'OpenBeam 3D Printers' started by dissidence, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. dissidence

    dissidence New Member

    i just thought i would share my work in progress, i love the quality of your hardware.

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  2. protoserge

    protoserge Member

    Hope to see it complete soon!
  3. dissidence

    dissidence New Member

    sad to say its going to come down to parts and money, i would like to get it working sooner than later too.
  4. dissidence

    dissidence New Member

    still making progress, i have some work to do still.

    i will need to find someone who might be willing to print some parts still.

    DSC_0407.JPG DSC_0408.JPG
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  5. qsmtsome

    qsmtsome New Member

    I think you can find some necessary parts from 3dp2go , I bought many parts for my Kossel from this website. Hvae you finished your printer? Any new pictures share?
  6. dissidence

    dissidence New Member

    i do hope to have some time to do some more work on it soon, having moved 2 times since i have started it, and also having twins, doesn't give me the time or budget that i would like.

    one nice find for me though was some 1/4" aluminum plates that i managed to get my hands on, so i will soon have it mounted to a very sturdy base, with any luck.

    that shop for parts there may be a lifesaver for me, i have not had much luck finding some shorter timing belts. i still need to find a 8mm D shaft pulley though.
  7. qsmtsome

    qsmtsome New Member

    Maybe you can contact the 3dp2go store owner asked what you need.
  8. SteveGasko

    SteveGasko New Member

    Thanks for sharing your project here. The information you provided here will help me in my future projects.
    I want to know something about your project.
    Which MCU you used here and what are the other circuit components?
    Do you used any particular development board for this?

    printed circuit boards
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