Openbeam CoreXY 3D Printer (Reprap)

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  1. Reprot

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    Some pictures of my Openbeam CoreXY 3D printer.
    Print area: 200(Y) x 190 (X) x 190 (Z)
    Extruder : 0.3mm

    Constructed with 8 metres of Openbeam.
    Shaft sizes: 8mm dia. It does have a slight flex on the print platform - not an issue with most prints but looking at increasing the Z shafts to 12mm and using bigger linear bearing as there is a lot of weight with using 4mm glass plate. (Only glass I could get that was heat teated).

    Currently able to print objects, looking at adding a cooling fan to the carriage are to allow cooling of the filament.

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  2. Terence Tam

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    Ok, that's pretty frigging awesome. Thanks for sharing!
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  3. protoserge

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    Nice build!
  4. Reprot

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    Something that I ended up designing for my Openbeam CoreXY 3D printer was an Openbeam cable holder.
    This may be of interest to others for keeping wiring tidy.
    The Openbeam cable holder can be 3D printed and attached with one screw and nut to a Openbeam extrusion. The cable can then be a tied with one or two small cable ties to the holder.
    I machined mine from a old aluminium heat sink to keep an aluminium look.
    Cheers Bruce - Rotorua, New Zealand

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