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Discussion in 'OpenBeam Kossel Reprap and OpenBeam Kossel Pro' started by Chris Gilroy, Jul 22, 2014.

  1. Joseph Tam

    Joseph Tam New Member

    hi guys

    almost done assembling my printer, need some pointers on

    1. where to get the latest firmware
    2. slicer settings since i am using simplify3d


  2. protoserge

    protoserge Member

  3. Sean Hill

    Sean Hill Member


    Simplify3D actually has some very good initial settings for the Kossel Pro already. Just tell it which printer you've got and it'll do a very reasonable job with the slicer settings.

    The only things I did were:
    - Reduce the "Default Printing Speed" under the "Other" tab in the slicer settings to 1600mm/min -- the default of 3000mm/min I felt was just too fast for my machine.
    - Add a G28 to my "ending script" so the end effector will home when the print is finished

    Good luck!
  4. Joseph Tam

    Joseph Tam New Member

    i am having one tough time with the calibration.

    i had the 10mm offset issue firmware, a few downloads later i took care of that with the new flash

    then i proceed to do G28 / G29 then figure out the Z offset by moving the hotend so only a piece of paper was under the nozzle.. the z was at 8.65mm so i put that in as the layer offset in the settings..

    now when i print the 40mm test cube i have one corner that isn't sticking and one corner that is digging into the blue tape.. the corner that is digging is right above the bwp, so i will check if it's the wires under that is causing an issue once things cool down

    here's the output from G29

    READ: -1.46 -1.36 -1.21 -1.05 -0.63 -0.20 0.15
    READ: -1.41 -1.48 -1.36 -1.16 -0.87 -0.48 -0.22
    READ: -1.61 -1.56 -1.51 -1.35 -1.11 -0.81 -0.51
    READ: -1.80 -1.80 -1.74 -1.60 -1.41 -1.12 -0.76
    READ: -2.07 -2.02 -1.97 -1.88 -1.66 -1.41 -1.15
    READ: -2.31 -2.19 -2.26 -2.14 -1.94 -1.76 -1.54
    READ: -2.54 -2.64 -2.55 -2.24 -2.21 -2.11 -1.94

    any help or hints?

  5. protoserge

    protoserge Member

    Measure the spacing of the arm joints. Research the shim kit solution. If the arm spacing is not even, you will get some level print/bowing issues.
  6. Joseph Tam

    Joseph Tam New Member

    i double check the shoulder bolts and one of them was loose and the others i give it a once over to ensure they are tight

    i will have a look at the shim solution

    could it be the end stops are slightly off from each other?

  7. protoserge

    protoserge Member

    Absolutely. Double check the installation of the limit switches and linear guides. It has been a while for me, so check up on that portion of the instructions.
  8. Joseph Tam

    Joseph Tam New Member

    definitely not looking forward to taking apart the top triangle to measure the limit switches

    how does the g30 command work? do i need to deploy the probe prior to starting it?

  9. Rick Gordon

    Rick Gordon Member

    could be many things - including the length of the delta arms, wobble in the leveling probe, offset of the switches.
    mine still does that to some extent - i just got tired of working on it and resorted to using a software leveling probe in MatterControl.
    I don't really like that as anything more than a work-around though. So - if you figure out what's causing the "tilt" in your case i'm interested!
  10. Joseph Tam

    Joseph Tam New Member


    in the version of mater control, i don't see the auto level option.. i must be blind

  11. Joseph Tam

    Joseph Tam New Member

    hi guys, is there a way to unlatch the bowden tube from the k head without apart the whole effector and/or taking out the hotend?


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