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  1. hojalot

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    I tried opening the Lower Triangle document in Firefox on Kubuntu 14.04 (I really don't have MS Office) and it displayed in PowerPoint Online, but I'm not sure if this doc is complete since slides 14-24 are completely blank. I clicked on "Open in Powerpoint", then "Download My File", and LibreOffice showed the same blank slides.

    The End Effector doc looks good though. It might be missing a picture of routing the fan wires before snapping the 2 halves together, but that's a content thing; the file displays fine.

    Thank you very much for working on this!!!
  2. Def

    Def Member

    Most of the docs are the initial release version (last November timeframe), hence the missing information and slides.

    Getting keen to finish this printer up. I took the time off to weld up new suspension arms for the racecar, but if the instructions will be much longer, I'll probably just wing the rest of it.
  3. Terence Tam

    Terence Tam Mr. OpenBeam Staff Member Vendor

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  4. marcomezzavilla

    marcomezzavilla New Member


    this is my third attempt to get some news about my printer. I understand that it's difficult to keep track to everything, but I'm a little bit worried.
    I’m an italian customer, and I don’t know anything about the order status.

    I don’t have the KS-XXX number, even if I've successfully complete the order on kickstarter and update the address information about 6 months ago, so I can't track anything from the spreadsheet.

    Can I have some feedback?

    Thank in advance,
  5. Terence Tam

    Terence Tam Mr. OpenBeam Staff Member Vendor

    Per update on the blog, we are aiming to ship remainder of printers in the next 2 weeks.
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  6. KDog

    KDog Member

    Thanks for the update Terence. Although I have been guilty of getting a bit upset during the kickstarter campaign I'd like to remind folks that we are all beta testers here. There are bound to be a issues with the design and process. The best that we can do is provide constructive feedback to the creators and expect the same from them. Terence has obviously been trying to take care of critical design flaws but this doesn't hold for design decisions, like the j-head, that don't effect the operation of the printer. I'm sure the team has heard enough about that decision that the next revision will have a little more flexibility.

    On another note concerning the probe standoff. Mine came undone and flew across my living room to crevasses unknown. I looked under everything but didn't find it. In the end I used one of the extra shoulder bolts in its place and deploy it manually now. Seems to work very well. At some point I will modify the firmware so that it doesn't do all the probe deployment moves. I like the probe itself but never did like the way it deployed.
  7. Salva

    Salva New Member

    Hi Terence,

    New to the forum, apologies if I am asking something already explained. I am KS backer, and have read about the google document and the list.
    My question is how can I find myself in the document, I am not sure if I have already confirmed, and I do not know my PO number were do you recommend me to start to find the information.

    I would like to know if my address is confirmed and the PO status,


  8. Def

    Def Member

    So... I hate to be a broken record, but any update on closing out the build documentation?
  9. SeaScottRun

    SeaScottRun New Member

    My printer (KS-73) got put on vacation hold, but I came back a while ago. Is there some way that could get shipped soon? I sent a couple of emails and a kickstarter message but I haven't heard anything back yet
  10. Tmoney2007

    Tmoney2007 New Member

    We're currently in the traditional 7-10 days of silence with respect to shipments that always seems to follow a blog post and shipping estimate.
  11. Def

    Def Member

    I know the team is busy, but the LONG periods of radio silence is a bit much. When deadlines are missed, or not going to be met, an update is not too much to ask.

    Come on guys, we're not asking for a novel, just give us a succinct update.
  12. Terence Tam

    Terence Tam Mr. OpenBeam Staff Member Vendor

    Most of the documentation have now been updated, and linked from the Kossel Pro documentation page:

    Of all the documentation, Mechanical Systems Integration & Wiring is still missing a few pictures. Should be able to complete next week.
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  13. Tmoney2007

    Tmoney2007 New Member

    How about a status update on the next shipment?
  14. Jeff Barr

    Jeff Barr New Member

    @Terence Tam - Congratulations on the updated docs. I am getting ready to build my printer.

    I have one bug report for you. The link in Step 2 on the documentation page is labeled "Linear Drive Towers" but it actually goes to "Auto Leveling Probe."
  15. SeaScottRun

    SeaScottRun New Member

    Okay, so we're now solidly out of that window. Can I get my printer taken off vacation hold please?
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  16. Tmoney2007

    Tmoney2007 New Member

    Can we please get a status on the next shipment? We're now a few days past the middle of February when they were already supposed to have shipped. This is not an insignificant amount of money for us and getting a quick weekly update on whether things are still on schedule for shipping isn't too much to ask.
  17. Terence Tam

    Terence Tam Mr. OpenBeam Staff Member Vendor

    After kitting and inventorying (and verifying inventory numbers) tonight, we are confident that we can ship printers no later than the end of the month. I didn't want to publicly commit until I could do some inventory verification myself. We will be making a big push this weekend to get kits out the door.

    Over the next day or two I'll go over the addresses on hand, and make sure all outstanding international shipping paperwork is filled out properly. Once again, we will be shipping via UPS. Shipped printers will have a UPS tracking number listed against the KS tracking number. We will print (and issue) new tracking #s since it's been a while since the last set of numbers are issued.

    Kickstarter backers who have backed for plastics only, and those needing replacement plastic parts, will be taken care of after the remaining printer kits ship. (est: by end of the month). Sometime after that, we'll also set up our USPS account so that we can ship replacement parts such as thermistors, PTFE sleeving, etc, to our backers more economically (abet at a slower rate).

    Progress is being made on pre-assembled machines too. We will be taking this opportunity to test the newest firmware that @PJR , @David Boyd and @AndyG have been testing. Once this is tested, we'll roll it into the main branch. At some point in the near future, MatterHacker's firmware update tool will be updated to work with the LUFA boot loader as well, thus enabling a more pain-free firmware update experience. It's going to be pretty rare for us to be able to line up 15 kossels side by side and bang on hardware / run tests, so we are certainly going to make the most of this opportunity and give our backers who ordered preassembled machines a burned-in and tested unit.

    On the hot end side of things; let's just say the weakest link in the printer (aside from documentation, which we did beef up significantly and will continue to work on) is the hot end. To date, we've replaced (without charging for anything) over $1000 worth of hot ends - and this is BOM cost to OpenBeam - mostly due to broken thermistor wires, and some to the occasional faulty heater cartridge as well. We stand behind our product - obviously we've learned an expensive lesson about what can happen when things leave the engineering lab into the real world, and we've been making things right, but replacing $100.00 hotends forever is not very sustainable. (Because of all the setup and programming costs, and because these were made in the US, and PEEK pricing has gone way up, due to Sabic's production declining - each hot end currently costs us about $100.00 to produce, even without labor costs, for a design that is now relatively obsolete and for something that Chinese cloners are selling for $25 a pop online).

    We've been fast tracking the R&D and development and testing on an all metal hot end (with a user serviceable thermistor). I've personally been machining parts and I delivered the first two prototypes to the folks at MatterHackers for testing this past week while visiting MD&M West. Initial testing is quite positive and we've just tested nylon on this successfully. If all goes well, I'll put this hot end into larger scale testing ASAP, and as soon as vendors start returning from Chinese New Year, bring this hot end into production. (Please don't email me asking to be a test subject - we've already identified folks who we'll be reaching out to to test, and I'll reach out when we have enough prototypes on hand to start handing them out). @Taylor who had been testing the hot end is probably one of the guys with the most experience in printing nylon in the Reprap world - ask him about his OTHER company sometime.

    If you are an overseas backer and you've broken a thermistor wire (@Paul Tan , @Jackal, the university students in Nepal ), my preference is to get you an all metal, end user serviceable hot end as a replacement.

    That's all I have for now.

    -=- Terence
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  18. Jackal

    Jackal Member

    Thanks for the update. I will probably wait for the all metal hotend instead of buying a replacement one and tuning it then do it all over again. Just need to hold my urge to print something :p
  19. Salva

    Salva New Member

    Thanks for the update, keep them coming, Salva
  20. Terence Tam

    Terence Tam Mr. OpenBeam Staff Member Vendor

    Made a good dent on shipping printers this weekend. 17 printers will leave tomorrow, after they become active in our UPS tracker, I'll update the spreadsheet with tracking numbers. We expect the balance to go out by the end of next week.

    As mentioned before, after that we are going to focus on the rest of the Kickstarter folks who had just ordered plastic parts. My wife is out of town all of next week on a business trip, so we will be taking advantage during that time to focus on documentation. I've already temporarily converted my son's nursery into a photo studio (Kid's not due till June, so I can get away with this, for a few more weeks at least :-D ). We've also been building up all the pre-assembled machines and we'll take this opportunity to do some serious testing, qualification, etc. We've never been able to get more than 1 or 2 Kossels together, so it'll be a real good opportunity to do some serious testing.

    -=- Terence

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