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Discussion in 'OpenBeam Kossel Reprap and OpenBeam Kossel Pro' started by Grimmdp, Dec 22, 2014.

  1. Gary V

    Gary V New Member

    Looking for Pro HBP that I placed on order back on Dec 15th, 2014 on Shopstarter. The reference number is 63a29e57.
    This would be an international order, is there any update on possible delivery date?

  2. Damien_Raven

    Damien_Raven New Member

    Hey Terence,
    I'm the brazillian with the KS-068. I've tried contact by e-mail and by Inbox, to finally receive my kit. Please, send me some signal of life!!!
  3. mstrayer

    mstrayer New Member

    I'm PO-130 and my status on the shipping spreadsheet still shows an unconfirmed address.
    I've confirmed my address to you once, and the address that you have on file, as stated in
    Terrance's message to me is correct.
  4. protoserge

    protoserge Member

    I don't know if that spreadsheet is up to date. There was one batch that went out within the past few weeks.
  5. Terence Tam

    Terence Tam Mr. OpenBeam Staff Member Vendor

  6. Tmoney2007

    Tmoney2007 New Member

    You'll get more of my money as soon as the all metal hot end is available for regular production.
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  7. chadman

    chadman Member

  8. Gary V

    Gary V New Member

    Got the printer, been putting it together.
    I have the unit KS-019 received mar 22nd.
    Seems you have shipped me 6 pieces of the stepper motor belt gears, and the upper tensioner belt gears
    are missing. See the attached photo of what was packaged. The bearing are all there!
    Could you send me the correct parts, preferably by USPS.
    Also add the unit #1205 to the address you have, UPS had two extra days on there delivery:( because of
    the missing unit #.
    Other than that, the printer has gone together well:). With the tensioner gears, I will be able to turn the power on.


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  9. Salva

    Salva New Member

    Hello, I have received a UPS tracking number, yet every time I check this is the status I've got
    "The sender has voided the UPS tracking number created for this shipment. UPS does not have possession of this shipment."
    The tracking number is for KS-025

    Could you please help me to find out the status of this shipment and when will it be delivered?

    Thanks for all your support and good work,

  10. Terence Tam

    Terence Tam Mr. OpenBeam Staff Member Vendor

    I am travelling this week for work, but I've arranged for a set of parts for you for local pick up at Solarbotics.

    You're looking to talk to @Chris Gilroy
    Solarbotics Ltd.
    3740D 11A Street NE
    Suite #101
    Calgary, AB T2E 6M6

    I'll get the rest of the replacement parts out later this week when I'm back home.

    -=- Terence
  11. Gary V

    Gary V New Member

    Brainwave board has header for extruder mounted backwards. See attached image.
    I fixed problem with extruder having reversed directions by removing plug terminals and reinserting them in the reverse order.
    This fixes that little problem, but more may have the same error!

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  12. Rohan

    Rohan New Member

    Hi @Terence Tam

    Wondering, what's the current status of the replacement parts we spoke about back in mid February? I've sent follow up emails but haven't heard anything since your initial reply.


    Update: Contact made, all is well. :)
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  13. Fabian

    Fabian New Member


    PO-105 here. I'm trying to get in contact with someone from the openbeam team for a while now, but can't get any response at all to my e-mails or forum messages. It seems my printer still hasn't been shipped. I originally ordered some additional motors and electronics (when it still said the printer would ship in October 2014) for which I don't have a use any more because of the long time since then. I'm just trying to get some information about the state of the printer.

  14. Terence Tam

    Terence Tam Mr. OpenBeam Staff Member Vendor

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  15. Chris Thomson

    Chris Thomson New Member

    I wonder if your PSU fan over drive problem explains the noisy fan I had on startup today (thankfully after a couple of minutes it settled down to normal noisiness), is it possible/sensible to open up the PSU and switch out the fan if it becomes a problem - or is new PSU time?
  16. sean

    sean Member

    @Chris Thomson My psu was noisy, so I opened it up and checked out the fan. there's not a lot of clearance in there, you're going to want a 60x60x10mm fan. I bought a new one, but it's 12v because that's what my existing one is. .. However by the time it arrived, I had reassembled the PSU and the noise had returned to normal, so my new fan sits on a shelf. Now that I've read the update, about the fan overdrive issue, I'm going to find a 60x60x10mm 24v fan. I'll try to take some pics when I open up the PSU next time, it's not too bad.
  17. Rick Gordon

    Rick Gordon Member

    i have that fan problem as well - it grinds away for the first minute - then stabilizes to a loud roar.
    I'm definitely looking to quiet the thing down - i was worried that the whole PSU was about to go.
  18. Chris Thomson

    Chris Thomson New Member

    Sounds like a common problem then, I've order some 24v fans from Hong kong, I will see if they are any better if this is not a swap the psu issue.
  19. Fujikura

    Fujikura New Member

    I was about to order a 24 volt fan but finding one that is 60mm x 60mm x 10mm 24vdc proved difficult from a reliable vendor (Mouse and Digikey). Ebay (from China) had them, but estimated delivery was vague (between few weeks to few months). Disassembled power supply, fan is really 15mm thick and rated 12vdc and .25A. Made a test cable to extend fan power wires and measured the fan voltage at 11 volts. I didn't think the power supply vendor would connect a 12vdc fan to a 24vdc source. Fan might be noisy due to poor quality control.
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  20. Chris Thomson

    Chris Thomson New Member

    :) I'll look into a 12v fan 60x60x15 then, as you say, I'd prefer a high quality fan, and that maybe easier to source if the supply is 12v - I wonder if there are some different specs in different supplied PSUs, I'll test mine before I replace it.

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