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  1. Tmoney2007

    Tmoney2007 New Member

    What's going on around here? Its super dead.

    Any word on the all metal hot ends?
  2. samspade4321

    samspade4321 Member

    Agreeing with Tmoney2007 - I've had a preorder with MatterHackers for a couple of months. I don't mind the wait, as long as I can read progress reports.
  3. Joe Kelley

    Joe Kelley New Member

    I called Matterhackers the other day and they said that they have been in touch with the kossel pro team and expect delivery on May 10th so the expected delivery date of the 15th looks right. I also have had it on preorder for a couple of months and I would also appreciate an official update of some kind, especially if your expected ship date slips by... twice.
  4. Tmoney2007

    Tmoney2007 New Member

    Can we get a quick update? It has been a month since the last blog post.

    It doesn't have to be long, just a status.
  5. Terence Tam

    Terence Tam Mr. OpenBeam Staff Member Vendor

    Short update: We finally got parts for the all metal hot end. Mfg missed tapping a hole, reworking parts, stress testing the hot end now (throwing plastic through it). Profiles have to be re-tuned, and we are also tweaking the accel and jerk settings in the firmware and pushing it along with new auto level routine to make the new hot end work. All hands on deck to get the balance of the kits and the MatterHackers preorders out the door next week (hopefully). Trying to do this before my son is born and between all the new parent classes that I've been taking.
  6. chadman

    chadman Member

    What kind of a wife doesn't let you take your laptop to parenting classes? Maybe you should offer to print a 3d model of the child from the ultrasound data. You've probably already thought of that.
  7. Def

    Def Member

    I hear you on the kid Terence. Mine is due June 19, so projects have morphed into fun things like "clean up the garage."
  8. chadman

    chadman Member

    You're probably going to have to build a new robot to help with that. See how that works? All about the right spin, fellas. My third arrives in October, so I'm practicing justifying shop time. Love the kids dearly, but soon my wife and I will be officially outnumbered, and I'm exhausted just thinking about it.
  9. Fujikura

    Fujikura New Member

    Terence, glad to see you're still alive. I'm still waiting for my carriage bottom and MR74ZZ ball bearing for PO-145. I first brought this to your attention on 3/20/15. You said you shipped them out on 3/25/15 and 3/31/15. Today is 5/12/15. I've tried contacting you many times (4/10/15, 4/15/15, 4/23/15, 4/30/15) but haven't gotten a response. I'm still waiting for the carriage bottom and MR74ZZ ball bearing. My Kossel Pro is finished and just waiting for those 2 parts. I can't do anything without those parts, so please respond as to the status of those 2 items. Right now I have a $1350 paper weight.
  10. Joe Kelley

    Joe Kelley New Member

    I received my shipping notice from Matterhackers last night ... :)
  11. samspade4321

    samspade4321 Member

    I received my notice on Wednesday, May 13, 2015 3:32 PM, but I still haven't seen any movement yet..
  12. Joe Kelley

    Joe Kelley New Member

    It's on the move... updated delivery date May 27th
  13. samspade4321

    samspade4321 Member

    My delivery date's May 22nd. It must be a pre-order queue or shipping distance thing - I'm close to the west coast.
  14. Mine is scheduled for delivery today! Can't wait to get building :)
  15. Salva

    Salva New Member

    Hi Terrence, congratulations happy to hear your doing great in the family front.
    I have KS-025, any news when are those due? Is this item going to be fulfilled by Matterhackers?
    Any update will be appreciated, thanks,

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