Replacement PSU fan?

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  1. Def

    Def Member

    I remember hearing something about replacement PSU fans for the original KS backers being in the works many months ago.

    Mine has gone from a mild growl on startup to sounding like tossing gravel in a washing machine for a solid few minutes before it then goes to just being "loud bearing noise."

    Anything from the OB guys?
  2. JoeF

    JoeF Member

    Instead of replacing the fan, try putting a couple of drops of a light machine oil on the fan bearings. I just dripped it into the bearings and turned it a few times manually to work it in, then wiped off the excess. Worked fine for over 3 months so far.

    Make sure you use a pure non-detergent machine oil, like 3-in-1 blue label (not the red/black that contains naptha), Zoom Spout Turbine Oil, Royal Purple Synfilm 68, Singer Sewing Machine Oil. Do not use WD-40 or other cleaners.
  3. Def

    Def Member

    The fan was always really loud, because it's a 12V fan that's driven at 24V (I believe). There was talk many months ago of the OB guys sourcing replacements for the original backers, but that seems to have been put on the back burner.

    I'd rather just replace it at this point, as I'm sure oil in the trashed bearing is just a temporary bandaid.
  4. Rick Gordon

    Rick Gordon Member

    its easy to replace it at least. I did mine, and its so much quieter...
  5. Def

    Def Member

    Any info on what you replaced it with? I'm guessing OpenBeam/Seattlewhatever support for this printer is kinda dead at this point...
  6. Rick Gordon

    Rick Gordon Member

    I'm not sure what the current situation at OB is, but I stopped by and I saw built printers and test benches setup - I think they're still working through some of the completed Kickstarter projects. In any case, I picked up a 24V fan there. Here's a picture of the old and new fan side-by-side. I've also seen people elsewhere on the site indicate other sources for the fan as well. But if you received one of the PSU's with a 12V fan, it wouldn't hurt to ask for a replacement I think.
  7. Def

    Def Member

    I can't see the pic. :(

    Apparently no one from the company-former-known-as-Openbeam checks this forum anymore.

    I guess I should go through MatterHackers even though I didn't buy through them?
  8. Rick Gordon

    Rick Gordon Member

    I'm not sure why you cannot see the pic - its displaying fine in my view of this thread.
    anyway the label on the new fan says:
    ARX DC Brushless
    DC 24V 0.15A ZP

    And yes, I think MatterHackers is taking over support.
  9. protoserge

    protoserge Member

    The fan noise reminds me the printer is on ;)

    Since this is a low priority replacement for me, can anyone give the specs? I gather it is likely a 60mm fan, but what is the thickness?
  10. Rick Gordon

    Rick Gordon Member

    Good thing its a low priority, i missed this request! It's 15mm thick by 60 mm wide. (After I measured it I noticed that the number 6015 is right on the fan label!)

    Better order more than 1 - my replacement has started to grind when its cold just like the old 12V did. House temp is probably around 68F in that room.
    it warms up and smooths out quickly but its time to hunt down a spare for the time when it does not.

    so if you find a good source, let me know!
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  11. Rick Gordon

    Rick Gordon Member

    BTW I found some cheap ones on AMZN. Ship faster than the Chinese ones on eBay.
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  12. protoserge

    protoserge Member

  13. Def

    Def Member

    I replaced it with one that I'm not even sure was blowing, or at least not very hard. I shut the printer down before things got warm.

    I might run some ring terminals out to the 24V terminals, and I could add a resistor if it's too loud. Too bad it's a total PITA to get to the PSU. It's not super accessible without just taking it out and apart.
  14. Stafford Brunk

    Stafford Brunk New Member

  15. degreaser

    degreaser Member

    Just got the part from Amazon. It's a 60mm x 60mm x 15mm (nominal) 24v, .15A fan.


    ARX DC Brushless, FD2460-S1112C
  16. Al L.

    Al L. Member

    Anyone consider making a shroud and mounting a larger quieter fan (or 2) outside the PSU?
  17. degreaser

    degreaser Member

    I'm not sure that's really needed. The root cause of the noisy fan failing prematurely was running a 12V fan at 24V. Using the proper fan should resolve the problem.
  18. Al L.

    Al L. Member

    The printer sits next to my desk at home so I would prefer it to be reasonable quiet. I'm using the astrosyn vibration dampeners on the motors, sorbothane on the frame and as feet, and swapped out a lower RPM PSU fan. My thought was to extend the existing PSU shroud/cover and mount a pair of quiet 60mm square fans (12-24vdc, 14.5CFM, 17 dBA, 3000 RPM, $9.59ea)

    I don't think there enough room to mount one of these inside the PSU case. I haven't found anything that will fit in the PSU (or a blower fan on top) that's quieter.

  19. Ezra

    Ezra Member

    My PSU sounds like a North Korean Tank trying to start up until i give the print bed a few solid smacks, and that gets things right back in order. Helps remind me of the *cough* high quality *cough* printer i have replaced basically every essential part on minus the frame components.

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