Requesting comments on vibration dampeners.

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  1. Mike Porter

    Mike Porter New Member

    Saw this video of a very quiet Kossel Mini with dampeners.

    Here are the dampeners used.

    Would like comments on the feasibility of installing these, or something like them, during my Kossel Pro build.
    Is there even room?
    Also any comments on negative impact on the printer or its performance.

    Appreciate all the work you guys are doing to pave the way for my anticipated completely trouble free build. ;-)
    Will probably start at the end of the month.

    Have a good everything!
  2. Chris

    Chris Member

    I've actually found that a lot of my noise seems to come from all of the nuts I installed into the extrusions "for future use". Makes me want to find something to wedge in there to prevent them from rattling.
  3. hojalot

    hojalot Member

    Have you tried just adding more set screws in the extra nuts?
  4. Chris

    Chris Member

    I'm short by about 40 set screws to do that to everything.
  5. hojalot

    hojalot Member

    I was thinking even adding some screws here and there might help. Or maybe slipping a thin piece of paper behind the screws? I've used card stock in cabinet door to keep them from rattling when they close! :)
  6. Chris

    Chris Member

    I think there are too many. Not really any way to get something behind them now that the printer is assembled, either. Maybe I'll cut up a rubber band and loop it in between them, but then it wouldn't look as nice. :)
  7. Mike Porter

    Mike Porter New Member

    I have added
    "Put a screw into each spare nut and snug it in so that the nut is forced out into its seat"
    to my build notes.
    Logical to eliminate as much vibration as possible.
  8. Chris

    Chris Member

    Oh, good point. Then the screws are there ready to use when you need them, too. (going to go do that now.)
  9. KDog

    KDog Member

    Anybody have any comments on the dampers? I'm not having an issue with the extra nuts.

    - are the shafts on our steppers long enough to add the kind of dampers shown?
    - there is a lot of noise coming from the psu. Anybody know if that is a 12v fan or 24v? I know that the psu is 24v so please provide that answer :p I'd like to change out that fan if possible.
    - how much noise do folks think are coming from the linear bearings?


  10. scott.

    scott. New Member

    I installed the astrosyn dampeners. You have to flip the gear over and add about 2mm spacer between the motor face and the dampener. I just happened to have three openbeam stepper mounts that worked perfectly. The inner gear face needs to be 7 mm from the dampener's face that mounts to the lower vertex. I didn't install the motors without the dampeners so I can't say how much quieter it is but by far the loudest noise is the PS fan.
  11. Mike Porter

    Mike Porter New Member

    Thanks for the info Scott. From watching videos and comparing a few comments the dampeners would appear to make a
    fairly large noise reduction. I believe that I will implement them.
  12. Mike Porter

    Mike Porter New Member

    A comparable delta before and after.

  13. KDog

    KDog Member

    Thanks Mike,

    I ordered to just fix that dang psu fan!
  14. Mike Porter

    Mike Porter New Member

    Hey KDog...
    Can I ask where you ordered from?
    Every time I start to look....something happens and I have to actually do some work.

    Side note...
    I'm running a shopbot right now. (I love this machine.)
    Just just now saw that shopbot is offering a 3d printer head
    for this thing. A 48 x 96 bed with a 7" Z....and a hot end.
  15. David Boyd

    David Boyd Active Member

    Wow they finished it. When I was down at their shop for a class on the Handibot I purchased they
    showed it to me. Now the question is how fast can that shopbot move the head? The one I saw was
    zipping along pretty fast.
  16. Mike Porter

    Mike Porter New Member

    I want a dual mount laser cutter head for my bot.
    No real pressing reason...
    Just do.
  17. Terence Tam

    Terence Tam Mr. OpenBeam Staff Member Vendor

    I wish I could sell a print head for half the cost of a Kossel Pro HBP kit...

    (Seems cool though).
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  18. Mike Porter

    Mike Porter New Member

    But I'm sure its big and heavy so actually you get a lot for your bucks....P-)

    All kidding aside...It is not on my gear lust list at least in part
    because it took me a lot of work to really get the shopbot humming and square.... and I'm not messing with her.
    She's perfect just the way she is.

    but I really do want to figure out some sort of marking/cutting laser to mount next to the spindle.
    that would be a logical combo.
  19. Taylor

    Taylor Moderator Staff Member

    Both the Kossel Pro's we assembled have the astrosyn dampers installed. I won't build another machine without them. The difference is just simply amazing.

    For my money, it's easily the best bang for your buck upgrade on any machine.

    We'll have a Kossel with dampers printing at the 3D Printer World Expo next week in Burbank for those that will be attending - you can and hear for yourself.

    Also, if you're looking to purchase them, MatterHackers typically has them in stock.
  20. KDog

    KDog Member

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