Show and Tell - Fan Lead wire trimming fixture

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    For the OpenBeam Kossel Pro, we needed to supply the cooling fans with the wiring pre-trimmed and pre-stripped to a certain length for mating to the end effector power distribution PCA. This is what I came up with:


    Here's a CAD screenshot of another tool in this series of tooling:


    Nothing too fancy - the OpenBeam extrusion is used as an adjustable slider to allow me to adjust and set the cut lengths. The red piece controls the wire strip length - to change the wire strip length, you 3D Print another piece of the red block.

    All the parts are designed to be printable on Open Source FFF printers, without support material. (Matthew Wilson has my printer currently for working on the Arduino bundle, so I cheated and printed these on my Mojo, but I'll reprint them out of PolyMAX when I get my printer back). We will eventually release all the tooling files under open source license as well, once we started shipping and can concentrate on house-cleaning tasks.

    -=- Terence

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