Sourcing custom-length OpenBeam extrusions?

Discussion in 'Ask Team Openbeam' started by daf, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. daf

    daf New Member

    Looking to obtain OpenBeam extrusions cut to custom lengths from company in USA...

    I read (in Josh Marinacci's interview with Terence: that MicroRax might be selling custom-cut lengths of openbeam. I can't see any mention of this on the MicroRax webpage, though, and suspect perhaps it never materialized as an actual source.

    Any other places to go? Rather not cut the extrusions myself (even though I read it's pretty easy to do so), especially since I'd have a fair degree of wasted material (given my needs for 600-700mm lenghts), if I ordered the stock 1m lengths from Amazon.

  2. Terence Tam

    Terence Tam Mr. OpenBeam Staff Member Vendor

  3. daf

    daf New Member

    Oops --- my bad. I saw the all-in-one precut starter kit (which isn't a good fit for my particular needs), but somehow my search on Amazon overlooked the numerous other precut lengths in bulk, which are just what I'm looking for... Thanks.

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