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  1. Rick Gordon

    Rick Gordon Member

    I think there is a slightly newer version of the firmware now installed on the BWP kits - v0.81.
    I visited "Open Beam World Headquarters" a few weeks ago and snagged a copy. I ran a diff between the version I'd tweaked coming from 0.80 - differences were relatively minor - but they did stop my thermal runaway problem.
    I haven't heard from OB about distributing it - and I'll have to make a new fork of their repo in order to post just their delta. (I've been meaning to do that for awhile actually but have been very busy with work and other things.)
  2. Rick Gordon

    Rick Gordon Member

    also, I should point out there is the "unofficial PJR" branch of the firmware which many people seem to be liking.
  3. Rick Gordon

    Rick Gordon Member

    Okay, I created a new branch in my fork of Marlin that contains the April OpenBeam release + MikeZ's changes for the 0.81 release. That is the code I was told is shipping in current BWP boards.

    if you just want to see the changes, look here:

    you can clone the whole repository here:

    but these changes are on branch "released_as_v081" to keep things clean.

    Basic changes:
    - alter the PID tuning for the hot-end.
    - increase timing for thermal runaway protection for hot-end and bed
    - min z-pos now -5
    - alter manual z-home position
    - alter z-probe locations
    - decrease max acceleration on XYZ axes from 9000 to 1200
    - decrease default acceleration from 3000 to 800
    - reduce XY, Z, E jerk values.

    One thing I don't like about it, when using the Z-probe, is that instead of stowing by deploying to the front clamp again, it moves over the Y-tower edge of the bed, stows the probe, and then sits there - where it starts to ooze onto the Y motor if you let it.
    It did fix my thermal runaway problem at least.

    I hadn't noticed the minimum z-position before. that means it can go negative I think, but what the ramifications of that are yet i'm not sure.

    BTW I also noticed some promising activity on the official OpenBeamUSA/Marlin fork - two new branches have been created: RC and RC_probe_avg.
    I can see that commits include the above changes, and increases the grid pattern points , and then also include a probe averaging.

    It hasn't fixed all problems for me - I still get some inconsistencies in the first layer and I still have "zits and blobs", especially on corners. But it has helped some.
    FSR work is pending for me, and figuring out how to fix those blobs.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Donna Kelley

    Donna Kelley New Member

    Hi Matthew - Is there a way to do this on the BrainWave Pro without having USB working? Can it be done using the SD card slot?


  5. Rick Gordon

    Rick Gordon Member

    I haven't seen an answer from him - but I would point out that *if* your boot loader is fried, you could solder a 2x3 header onto the board (don't even need to remove the board as you solder the pins on the outward-facing back of the board.) Then you can use any AVR Programmer to transmit firmware directly. It sounds harder than it is to do.
  6. Ezra

    Ezra Member

    The blobs and things are caused by printing directly from matter control, print from an sd card and that'll go away.
  7. Rick Gordon

    Rick Gordon Member

    good to know, thanks.
  8. Matthew Wilson

    Matthew Wilson New Member

    There is no way to do this with the SD card, the code to read the SD is far bigger than the bootloader itself unfortunately.
  9. Joseph Tam

    Joseph Tam New Member

  10. Sean Hill

    Sean Hill Member

    That git repo should work. I used: https://github.com/OpenBeamUSA/Marlin

    However it looks like the last commit there was the same.

    Please be very careful flashing your firmware - the CDC bootloader on the BWP cannot flash firmware larger than 64kb. Attempting to do so will put your controller in a state where it's not possible to recover without an external ISP programmer.
  11. Joseph Tam

    Joseph Tam New Member

    yeah i wish there was a sticky post to the latest known working firmware + source

  12. Rick Gordon

    Rick Gordon Member

    there was also a version I obtained from Mike Z early this year. That's a Marlin fork under my name on Github - with Mike's changes in one branch:

    (I might have changed the Z offset - not sure if I committed that change or not - but otherwise its the same as he sent.)

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