Z probe failure tracked to Brainwave

Discussion in 'OpenBeam Kossel Reprap and OpenBeam Kossel Pro' started by hojalot, Oct 16, 2016.

  1. hojalot

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    Hi All,
    My KosselPro had been running quite well, but recently it started head crashing when starting a print (G29 bed cal).

    I validated that the Z probe switch on the end effector is good with a multimeter and checked the same lines on the Brainwave side of the wire harness. Got beeping there too.

    When I do M119 in MatterControl with the probe switched pressed or not, I get:
    <-x_max: open
    <-y_max: open
    <-z_min: open
    <-z_max: open

    At this point I assume that the problem is with the BrainwavePro itself. I'd like to debug this further, but I'm not sure where to find the board schematics or layout files.

    Another possibility is to try totally new electronics like a Smoothieboard or BeagleBone Black, but I'm guessing that kind of upgrade would involve a bunch of issues (hardware, mechanical, software).
  2. protoserge

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    Check the tightness of the shaft on the screw that hits the limit switch.

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